Friday, January 27, 2012


SO behind in posting new jewelry.  Mainly because I keep futzing with pieces and therefore haven't taken pictures.  Must do tomorrow.  Whatever is done, I will get it out.

Not tonight, though.  I have three pieces sitting in Liver of Sulpher, two pieces still getting covered in Prisma Color (it's fun but seriously I'm not satisfied with what I have yet) and uhhhh, a few things sitting around that need finishing.  And I started cutting out new pieces today - what's that all about? 

(finish what you started, Jules.  Then go forward.)

Ideas keep flowing fast and furious, and that seems to be most of the problem.  Eh, it could be different, I could be sitting here with NOTHING. 

In other news, LOOK at my new storage cabinet!  You can see it in the picture I posted of my studio but here is a larger image.  It's a cigar drying cabinet, from Lisa of Mudhound Studio.

Serious love going on.

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