Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tomorrow's the Big Day.

I've been in art shows before, but never to an opening in which I am featured.  I'm excited. 

This is how I feel - not in a bad way at all - the fool ready to jump willingly into new adventures. Embracing it all.

Made these and listed them in the shop today - brass tops (liver of sulpher patina, polished and a beaten design), copper wire bottoms (free formed), copper ear wires.  About 2 3/4" long.

Made these and listed them today - this patina is one of my most favorites, and I can't always achieve it. It looks like a sunset-red, with bits of gold peeking through.  It is always a good day in the studio when these colors come out!  The beads are amber picassos.

My favorite piece at the moment.  Brass pendant with three copper pieces on top and bottom, all fire painted, polished and beaten pattern.  The brass piece has a liver of sulpher patina.  The cord is a good brown leather cord, 18" choker style.

I'm ready for tomorrow.  Happy, excited and ready.  ONWARD!

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