Friday, January 20, 2012

The show is up.

After the opening (really wonderful, and well attended!), I had a gallery sitting last Wednesday and took some pictures of the show:

these bowls are turned and polished from tree branches and trunks.  LOVE them.

prints of collage work.

interesting silver cast objects, unusual and eye catching.

okay, this isn't in the show, but I was working on it while I was gallery sitting. ;)

my favorite painting, a mixed media piece that had the most stunning colors.  The little note below it shows it won 'best in show.'  Most deservedly!

A somewhat better close up.

Next to it was this beautiful encaustic painting. 

Larry's basketry is stunning.  We may collaborate in the future! :D

I loved this painting.  It's pretty large, about 3 x 3 feet, and the colors are lovely. 

Another multi media collage.  These were not only lovely but also beautifully framed.

My serpent, part of the 'Magic Makers' collection.  The necklaces are hanging from the serpent.  Once the show is over, I'll take better pictures.

The Magic Makers.  Earrings balanced between the two magicians.

Another show.

okay, and these are silly but great at the same time!  Puppies and hand grenades? :)

I'm working on new pieces today.  Several new earring and pendant designs that are much more sculptural and take more time to do, but are really 'pouring out' of me right now.  Will post pictures and processes soon.

It's raining and I'm loving the hypnotic sound of it...

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