Saturday, January 28, 2012


Got lots done today in the studio.  More to do, but suffice it to say I buckled down and got lots of photos done, which was a serious need.  Here's what happened today:

This will be a necklace.  Alternating 'scales' of copper and nickel silver will be attached to a choker.

This is one of my Prisma Color pieces.  I  love it, but the attachment to the leather cord choker needs some futzing still so it's not listed yet.

Yay.  Another Bee Maiden homage.  :)  Copper, brass and amber agate.

Another view.

Fold formed, fire painted copper, mookaite beads, copper and silver 'teeth.'

Another view.

Another choker style - nickel silver and copper, fire painted, textured and then finished with liver of sulpher patina.

It's a bit sassy. :)
I've got more earrings to get out tomorrow, as well as finish my work for the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project, which is seriously needing to get into the mail on MONDAY.

Happy Weekend, All!


  1. Hi Juliette,

    So glad I came over to check out your blog. Very nice work! Your alternating scales are fabulous. I love foldforming and the prismacolors on copper too. So much fun!

  2. Yay! I'm such a fan, andam so happy to meet you! I fit the scales together this afternoon, and will try posting the progress tomorrow. I think thazt they need some accompaniment alongside, as they look a bit...not sure of the right word...heavy, I think? Plus am debating on leather vs. Chain for the stringing material. Good dilemmas ;)

    The prismacolor is SO fun, but I need a wire brush and some different sandpaper to get the effects I want, hoping to work with those more this week.

    So good to talk to you!