Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kinda funny.

It's been a good energetic day so far, even though it's cold and rainy outside.  Worked on house things, then started on the prismacolor piece (the first of many, I know now!). 

Then decided it's the Dark/New Moon today, let's set a goal.  I did - I joined the S.F. MS walk - it's a mile walk in Golden Gate Park in May, giving me a few months to prepare.  A mile used to be nothing until last year when I had the attack that lost me my job - now I use a cane almost always outside the house.  That's okay!  There is a track down the road I can practice on (flat ground is my friend), and I don't mind if the cane comes with me to the MS Walk.

More prismacolor now, then time to finish my entry in the Brooklyn Library's Sketchbook show.  Then get orders ready to send out tomorrow.

The pictures will hopefully happen tomorrow, it's very dark here and cold in the studio :)

suffice it to say, I want to Prismacolor some of these leaves (not as successful ones but needing improvement).  Let's see how that goes! :D

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