Monday, January 30, 2012

here we go :)

Metalsmithing starts tomorrow afternoon.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll be learning and hopefully getting better.

From the class room.  I am looking forward to it, but have to say I love the quiet and peace of my studio.  Hoping I can get through my nerves.  See you all on the other side ;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Got lots done today in the studio.  More to do, but suffice it to say I buckled down and got lots of photos done, which was a serious need.  Here's what happened today:

This will be a necklace.  Alternating 'scales' of copper and nickel silver will be attached to a choker.

This is one of my Prisma Color pieces.  I  love it, but the attachment to the leather cord choker needs some futzing still so it's not listed yet.

Yay.  Another Bee Maiden homage.  :)  Copper, brass and amber agate.

Another view.

Fold formed, fire painted copper, mookaite beads, copper and silver 'teeth.'

Another view.

Another choker style - nickel silver and copper, fire painted, textured and then finished with liver of sulpher patina.

It's a bit sassy. :)
I've got more earrings to get out tomorrow, as well as finish my work for the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project, which is seriously needing to get into the mail on MONDAY.

Happy Weekend, All!

Friday, January 27, 2012


SO behind in posting new jewelry.  Mainly because I keep futzing with pieces and therefore haven't taken pictures.  Must do tomorrow.  Whatever is done, I will get it out.

Not tonight, though.  I have three pieces sitting in Liver of Sulpher, two pieces still getting covered in Prisma Color (it's fun but seriously I'm not satisfied with what I have yet) and uhhhh, a few things sitting around that need finishing.  And I started cutting out new pieces today - what's that all about? 

(finish what you started, Jules.  Then go forward.)

Ideas keep flowing fast and furious, and that seems to be most of the problem.  Eh, it could be different, I could be sitting here with NOTHING. 

In other news, LOOK at my new storage cabinet!  You can see it in the picture I posted of my studio but here is a larger image.  It's a cigar drying cabinet, from Lisa of Mudhound Studio.

Serious love going on.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More tomorrow

Sleep is all messed up, but tomorrow is infusion day, which means I have some down time to go through before getting back to jewelry and taking photos of everything.

But I can't wait to get back to it tomorrow, so many things to do!

More work in need of proper photos below. Are any of you using Pinterest at all? I find it fantastic for my late night inspiration wanderings. My name on there is artintheredwoods if you fancy joining me :)

Good night for now.

Tired tonight.

It was a great day at the gallery. Three pairs of my earrings sold, so I spent my gallery sit time making some more to fill in the inventory.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kinda funny.

It's been a good energetic day so far, even though it's cold and rainy outside.  Worked on house things, then started on the prismacolor piece (the first of many, I know now!). 

Then decided it's the Dark/New Moon today, let's set a goal.  I did - I joined the S.F. MS walk - it's a mile walk in Golden Gate Park in May, giving me a few months to prepare.  A mile used to be nothing until last year when I had the attack that lost me my job - now I use a cane almost always outside the house.  That's okay!  There is a track down the road I can practice on (flat ground is my friend), and I don't mind if the cane comes with me to the MS Walk.

More prismacolor now, then time to finish my entry in the Brooklyn Library's Sketchbook show.  Then get orders ready to send out tomorrow.

The pictures will hopefully happen tomorrow, it's very dark here and cold in the studio :)

suffice it to say, I want to Prismacolor some of these leaves (not as successful ones but needing improvement).  Let's see how that goes! :D

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Prismacolor on Copper, a work in progress.

I'm working with prismacolor on copper this weekend.  A pendant is in an ammonia solution tonight, then tomorrow I'll start layering the colors.  I'm looking forward to getting this design out of my head and onto the metal.  I will post what the process looks like tomorrow.  For those who want to explore tonight, here is the blog of a woman who posted her experiences:

She has some examples of work she did over a patinaed inner core, and the colors are gorgeous!  Looking forward to tomorrow!

steel earringss red,yellow,2blues

Here is a lovely example of the colors you can achieve through prismacolor on steel (or other metal).

Friday, January 20, 2012

The show is up.

After the opening (really wonderful, and well attended!), I had a gallery sitting last Wednesday and took some pictures of the show:

these bowls are turned and polished from tree branches and trunks.  LOVE them.

prints of collage work.

interesting silver cast objects, unusual and eye catching.

okay, this isn't in the show, but I was working on it while I was gallery sitting. ;)

my favorite painting, a mixed media piece that had the most stunning colors.  The little note below it shows it won 'best in show.'  Most deservedly!

A somewhat better close up.

Next to it was this beautiful encaustic painting. 

Larry's basketry is stunning.  We may collaborate in the future! :D

I loved this painting.  It's pretty large, about 3 x 3 feet, and the colors are lovely. 

Another multi media collage.  These were not only lovely but also beautifully framed.

My serpent, part of the 'Magic Makers' collection.  The necklaces are hanging from the serpent.  Once the show is over, I'll take better pictures.

The Magic Makers.  Earrings balanced between the two magicians.

Another show.

okay, and these are silly but great at the same time!  Puppies and hand grenades? :)

I'm working on new pieces today.  Several new earring and pendant designs that are much more sculptural and take more time to do, but are really 'pouring out' of me right now.  Will post pictures and processes soon.

It's raining and I'm loving the hypnotic sound of it...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tomorrow's the Big Day.

I've been in art shows before, but never to an opening in which I am featured.  I'm excited. 

This is how I feel - not in a bad way at all - the fool ready to jump willingly into new adventures. Embracing it all.

Made these and listed them in the shop today - brass tops (liver of sulpher patina, polished and a beaten design), copper wire bottoms (free formed), copper ear wires.  About 2 3/4" long.

Made these and listed them today - this patina is one of my most favorites, and I can't always achieve it. It looks like a sunset-red, with bits of gold peeking through.  It is always a good day in the studio when these colors come out!  The beads are amber picassos.

My favorite piece at the moment.  Brass pendant with three copper pieces on top and bottom, all fire painted, polished and beaten pattern.  The brass piece has a liver of sulpher patina.  The cord is a good brown leather cord, 18" choker style.

I'm ready for tomorrow.  Happy, excited and ready.  ONWARD!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Took lots of things from the shop to go into the show.  Didn't think I would, but some things just looked RIGHT with the Cirque theme.  The Etsy shop looks bare :(  But I'm going to add more things tonight and tomorrow. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

First show of the New Year.

This Sunday, I'll be installing my pieces for a new group show at Ben Lomond's Mountain Arts Center.  It's a juried show called 'Inspire', and my pieces have a 'Cirque' feel.  I designed two jewelry displays - one is a huge snake with jeweled eyes, and the other is called 'The Magic Makers', and was inspired by Alexander Calder.

I'm finishing up the displays today as well as a few new jewelry pieces, and will show the finished work most likely later today.  Still so much to do - new prospectus to finish, mainly.  But things are coming along very well and I don't feel rushed!

firepainted copper, mookaite, ceramic beads

fire painted brass

fire painted copper