Thursday, December 22, 2011

This past week just flew by, Happy Holidays!

Hello all,

Between finishing holiday preparations and getting ready for next month's show, I didn't allocate time to sit down and write as much as I prefer.  Ah, well - onward!

I worked at the gallery on Wednesday, and got lots of components prepared for new jewelry.  I love being able to work there while working on my things! :)

Working at the Gallery on Wednesday.

Here is a picture of our tiny tree.  Every year, I make or buy a new ornament, and most of them are animals.  We don't buy trees, and because we live in the redwoods I generally make a tree out of branches (fashioning them around a tomato cage).  This one is mainly a garland, though. Because we live so far from my family, decorations tend to stick to just me making a little tree (I love getting out all the ornaments, and adore little 'fairy' lights).  Most of the holiday is spent traveling around visiting people. :)

May your holidays be bright, no matter how you spend them.  And may you know that I send you happiness and best wishes, with all my heart.  It is full tonight.  :)

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