Saturday, December 3, 2011

Power's back.

Just a quick note to say I've missed updating my blog as well as posting new listings on Etsy - we had a huge windstorm earlier this week, and pretty much everything blew down besides the redwoods.  The power and hot water were off for over three days, and just came on at 5AM today. 

Hot showers are fabulous.

I can honestly live without internet and TV, but I have come to really love electric lights.  The past few nights, Mark and I spent our evenings talking and reading books by flashlight - that is, when we weren't recharging the cell phone in the car outside (that was funny, actually).  We'd take drinks and snacks and take turns charging it up.  Nah, I'm glad to have the lights back.  Will post more tomorrow, and looking forward to catching up on my favorite blogs!



  1. Oh goodness, I'm glad you got your power back. I would miss both hot showers and my computer. That's funny about taking turns charging your phones in the car.

  2. Thanks, Alice :D It was SO good to get the hot water back!! And the car trips were funny, something out of the ordinary that we made amusing. But I'm glad it's over now!