Friday, November 4, 2011

Back in business ;)

Busy week, but much of it was necessary medical things (MRI, monthly infusion).  I sat at the Gallery on Tuesday, and sold a pair of earrings so that was really nice.  After a day's recuperation from yesterday's infusion, I'm raring to go with ideas for new pieces.  Plus, there is a lot of photo-taking to do ;)

Boulder Creek got hit with a major cold snap after last night's rain storm, and I got out our sweaters and warm pants out of storage today.  Trading them for the summer clothes, which will be put away. 

I adore our cabin, but everything must have its place and get put away.  It's small!   Our studio and workspace is connected, and spacious - but it's cold out there and you have to prepare with warmth ;)

Hope you are all having a great Friday!


  1. Yay, for the sale. Hope the tests came back okay...

  2. Thanks, dear friend. :) The tests haven't come back yet, but part of me thinks that is a good thing because normally if it's not good news I would have known by now ;)