Saturday, September 10, 2011

finding that drive again.

Long, long ago (late 1980s), I was a dancer. I bring this up because I was obsessed with everything I could do to express myself in the manner that was most joyful, the most 'ME' I could be.  When I got injured (long story), I went through years of trying to find that incredible drive again.  Not saying I've found it, but I am feeling closer to it than I have in a long, long time.  It's a combination of things this time, and there is a long road to get there, but THAT is what I remember loving so much about dancing - the excitement of the journey ahead.

The one thing I know that it does bring is a bit of isolation with the world outside, which (when seen from more adult eyes this time) sounds hermetic, hermetish, cocoon-like.  I feel I need to take this chance because the desire for that drive is still there, and it makes me stand tall and breathe deep.


  1. Honey, I am queen hermit... It does a soul good to spend some time looking inward instead of outward. Wishing you much love and light on this new journey.

  2. excellent to hear... yes, it really is about the path and not the destination... it feeds the spirit and gives so much life... wishing your the best... it is nice to feel excited... and i am like izzy, a bit of a hermit... if i didn't have 3 kids i could easily live in a small studio with a tiny fridge and a sofa to sleep on... not.even.kidding...

  3. Oh, and when I read you bio I had no clue what a "vermiculturist" was. You play with bees and worms. I'm so jealous!! =) You've inspired me to take beekeeping classes next year.

  4. Hello dear Izzy! Ahh, the worms are really fun, and every vermiculturist seems to have a different experience; i.e., my worms don't really like egg shells, but they love corn cobs! My Mother's bin loves all of her veggies but don't like newspaper - funny little beasties!

    Thanks for your words on being Queen Hermit. I do identify, and love it. It is enabling me to think clearly.