Wednesday, July 7, 2010

moving forward. just wishing the last few days were a little easier. ;)

So it's almost moving day (permanent moving day, as we've been gradually moving in the past two weeks), July 18.  I'm very excited but a little sad.  The sad changes almost daily.  The good things FAR outweigh the bad, but I'm finding myself wishing I had just a few more full days with the house, and not just evenings after work, or stolen days on weekends already full with plans. 

Regardless, I am FULL of plans for my artwork.  I have plans for the already-begun series I started a few weeks ago, and hope to have it finished by September 1.  That's my personally set goal, to have the series finished by then and ready for hanging. Plus, all the beads I've planned.  I'm excited and this is giving me momentum to keep carrying on to the final moving day.  It's got to be finished soon, the overlap is just exhausting.