Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Setting goals for myself.

Hello friends, I write this with a bit of a grimace as I have wanted to write but have not for many reasons.
We’re moving from our little Boulder Creek house to a house about 10 miles south, in Ben Lomond and it’s been, well let’s just say, it’s been quite an undertaking.  I’m doing okay, but it’s been an ‘up and down’ emotional roller coaster.  But as the date nears (mid-July), I feel more and more excited for this new adventure.

With this new home, we gain a bit more space, which I think will really help with the writing, jewelry and photography.  There is a big garden waiting, and much more.  I’m so tired tonight, but I think about all of the friends I’ve made online while learning about writing blogs, and wanted to send a warm and heartfelt ‘Hello! I’m thinking of you!  And I can’t wait to hear more about what you’re up to.’ 
I set my goals – to move in successfully and to set up a new space in which to write, and make art.

Sending love,