Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy art Sunday

It's 3:20, and I'm getting hungry.  But the pictures in the camera are too much, I must see them before anything else can get done!

honeybee in lemon geranium

"Green Apple" earrings - so named for the lovely beads I won from Gaea Beads.  14-gauge handmade copper earwires, ceramic beads.

Picasso earrings, in honor of my favorite artist.  14-gauge sterling handmade earwires, handmade polymer beads, 'Bacchus' bead caps.

The garden is growing well!  Aside from the slimy mushrooms I pick from it (growing from the compost), things are growing up very well so far, including the lettuce I've never been able to grow from seed. :)  Soon it will need thinning!  Thanks to the drip irrigation system, I'm hoping that things will continue to go well through the hotter weather coming soon.

Lapis, as always, supervises well.  From his (I mean, my) blue chair, he makes sure that all is right with the world, I think.  xo

A new geranium bud, about to blossom.

Time to make Sunday Lunch. 
Hope your weekend is going well, and that you too have had some time for yourself.