Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lunchtime projects, and swimming weather.

I should take a photo of these hanging up, as the angle is not flattering to the ear wires.
I'm at work now, so perhaps when I get that light box built (the planned one I keep writing about), I'll take a proper picture of these and other projects.

For now, it was wonderful to feel creative and productive at lunch.  Often I use lunchtime to run to the grocery store or run errands in town, but with the sun becoming more and more present, it's almost swimming weather. 

Swimming weather is heavenly.  When it's warm enough, I go down to the pool on my lunch breaks and do a 1/2 hour of swimming aerobics several days in the week.  The days when I don't swim, I plan to do art projects.  Right next to my office is a large community room, with a large table to spread out projects and a couch to stretch out with a book.  The lawns outside the office are also wonderful for picnics, but if I eat out there I tend to want to have a nap afterwards in the drowsy sunshine, so don't do that a lot. ;)

This project was made with 24 gauge sterling wire, two handmade polymer beads, two stone rondelles, and two bali silver rondelles.

Back to work, wearing these pretties.  Have a wonderful rest of the day :)

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