Sunday, October 18, 2009

A productive weekend, but...

Not in the manner I had expected. I've been sick most of the weekend, but things feel like they're sorting themselves out now. The cough is all but gone, and the fever has almost disappeared.

Because I was 'home bound' this weekend, I got started on some long overdue projects. These photos don't do the work justice, but will make up for it this week with photos of separate pieces, finished assemblages, etc. It was very satisfying to see the result of three days of work like this!

I'm liking the juxtaposition of the new pieces with the jars in the back, as though I have just spilled them out from another jar. Some of this series are buttons, and some are meant to go onto necklaces and a bracelet, like this one:

This bracelet, on elastic cord, needs restringing as I've created a focal bead that is still drying.

I have high hopes for these. I've been working on palettes all weekend, which is something new for me. In the past I've just thought, 'oooh, purple is a pretty color', and then I'd make 50 purple beads ready for 'something' but nothing more would come of them. This is different. And I can't wait to share them in more detail (if it only weren't 10PM already!).

The color of this photos isn't great, but again - the good camera will take better shots. These were glazed, and are both in the leaf palette from above as well as a gorgeous, 'by chance' sunrise palette. More tomorrow, for now - good night and have a wonderful week!!


  1. You are on a roll!!! Look at all of these many pretty beads! I can't wait to see what you'll make with them. Do you have a show coming up for the holidays?

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback, Cindy! :) Wow, I'm flattered - I'm not a newcomer to bead and jewelry making, but am VERY new to putting ideas and projects out for people to see. How do you make that jump (with both feet, I'm supposing, ha)?

    I need to redo these pictures in the right light with the good camera. I really do know better.

    I promise to put the projects up, and would love to send you some of my beads just to see what you think. I have a long way to go but am discovering that making friends is a great way to learn.

    No show, maybe next year but I'm too green for that yet. :) Most of these will be made into Holiday gifts.

  3. As Cindy, i love your new beads, lovely shapes and colors.

    Love too the way you share with us your love for honeybees and those beautiful photos.

    Don't forget to show us what's going on with your beads ;-)