Friday, October 23, 2009

Beautiful Autumn: Bees and Art.

Last weekend was the third harvest of Urania Hive, and unfortunately I wasn't there (caught a 'bug' after my infusion on Friday, and decided it was best to lay low). This week, M bottled the honey and washed bottles for more wine making, so more fun is on the way!

Terpsichore Hive also got a good dusting of powdered sugar last week, thanks to M. :) This is our natural way of battling against the deadly Varroa mite, one of the causes of bee deaths. The brood boxes get a liberal dusting of powdered sugar once a week for three weeks. As bees are fastidiously clean, they clean themselves off and any mites that may be in the hive as well - a clean fest! I hope to be there for the next dusting, as I'm told that the bees who fly off after being dusted are something to see: ghostly white, like apparitions of themselves (J says, 'they're ghost bees!'). It's risky taking pictures when they're upset, but will try my best (where's that zoom lens, haha!).

Bit by bit, I'm getting more courageous about posting ideas I have for artwork,
or pictures of things I've done or working on.

It's been so inspiring to explore art blogs from all over the world, and it's opened up the 'artist's block' I've had for a few years. So, here's to new friends, new art, and to the bees as well!

I'm hoping to make a light box this weekend, and take proper photos of pieces. I've got the cameras and tripods, but light is the biggest issue so found some articles on how to photograph jewelry online, and will give it a go. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hope that bug just flies on by really quickly :) The jewellry is lovely, so be encouraged to do more!

  2. Thanks so much, Barbara :) Am looking forward to making that light box (it didn't happen this weekend, but looking forward to getting started!)