Sunday, June 28, 2009

They are busy, but …

Since Urania hive is pretty much overflowing with honey already (!!! yay !!!), we were excited to see what was going on…

Not overflowing with honey yet; in fact, almost all of the action is still in the the boxes below the extruder, and virtually none above. I would love to have another look later, especially since I have to remember that the bees had a lot of work to do on the one side of one box that had a little mold on it. They’ve been busy, but more likely than making lots of ‘extra’ honey, they’ve been cleaning. :) There was some burr come on the wood top under the telescopic cover, which made me excited, but the frames underneath were virtually empty.

More later, I’m sure – Honey Man will want to wake up and see what happened. Oh, that’s another thing – my first time out solo! :) It went well, but no pictures this time because of it :)

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