Friday, June 5, 2009

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Last Tuesday, I came back from lunch to my boss anxiously awaiting my return. "Hello, Beekeeper!" he said. "We have a problem, one of the profs has a swarm of honeybees on her car." Long story short, I was able to call James from the Santa Cruz Beekeeping Guild to help, as I'm a brand new beekeeper and didn't know where to start.


Ever seen 'Wallace and Grommit', the full-length motion picture? They are garden pest (well, rabbits mainly) 'exterminators,' when in fact they don't exterminate any of them but in fact suck them up via a 'Bun Vac' and bring them home. :) That's exactly what happened here. James used a shop vac hooked up to a bee cage, called the 'Bee Vac'. He vacuumed as many as he could into the cage, and later took them home to his hives.


Later he smoked the places where the bees had congregated (the belief was that this swarm had been flying for a few days now, and the Queen decided to have a look in the back of this car as a potential new hive. Eek!

Anyway, all is well now, with the swarm and with the nerves of the poor owner of the car. And yesterday, she gave us a box of great pastries from the Buttery to thank us!

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